Continuous Integration & Design patterns

As I mentioned in a previous blog I am doing some work related to Continuous integration in Java. It’s nothing fancy, but still people are not doing it because they are unaware of the benefits.

Yesterdag evening I had my first take on the presentation. It’s comming together quite nicely, but still I’m in doubt about the ammount of demo versus the ammount of theory. But that’ll all come together after a while.

Now for my Msc on the other hand I have to do an assignment about some game called Mankala. It’s focussed around the design of this game. It’s not my cup of thea and I think that whatever me and my colleague are going to deliver will be an overengineered piece of ehr…. work. You know the drill, a simple application burdened by it’s heavy weight enterprise design.

But on the otherhand it’s a nice short assignment on which I can brush up aquintance with the gang of four and friends. 🙂

Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer’s Notebook — Online Catalog: Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer’s Notebook

Recently I bought this book. It’s an excellent read. Do note that you have have some experience writing software in Java releases prior to Java 5.0.

The book introduces the new language features in a code oriented approach. This results in a very quick and solid introduction into the new language features of Java 5.0. Don’t forget about the other new features of Java 5.0 though.

Christmas party at work…

Last night my employer threw a christmas party. The invitation said “Tenue de ville”. So almost everybody was dressed classy. Anyway, I almost got blasted 😉 Usually I never drink any alchohol, but sometimes… (like once a year or so) Anyway, I only had 5 or six “Hertog Jan”. It’s a beer, but not just beer like buds or heineken. Noooo…. This is a bit stronger. It’s a dark beer.

Anyway… Had lots of fun, but this morning my head was a bit painfull, couldn’t eat breakfast. So I just skipped all that and checked out and went home.

Good to see my colleagues in a different setting. One thing though… Yesterday evening I had a minute to myself and was looking over the dance floor and I thought… “My my, gorgeous women… Wow!! Wait… Party.. Work… Colleagues… Tech company… Women = Colleagues partners. Shit!! I think I’ll get another beer.”

As I said, lots of fun.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Just applied for Google AdSense. Which I think is great. When you google, do you notice the tiny adds on the right side of the search page? I do and their great. With Google AdSense you can do the same for your site. Google indexes your site and makes targeted adds available. You can then display these in a non intrusive way with a small javascript. (Do check their policy!)

ClassLoader (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)

ClassLoader .defineClass(…)(Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)

Just been fooling around a bit. I like what the API docs say about the infamous classloader. Basicly, when I want to dynamicly load a class into my application, I can just do it myself with a custom classloader. I believe that when this classloader has been marked for collection that also all loaded classes of the custom classloader will be deleted from memory.

Would be very nice when that would be true. I can imagine some nifty tricks with this. Like injecting code into the application while the app is running. Would be very usefull, especially in distributed scenario’s. Or to enable changable runtime analysis code into a application. Perhaps it doesn’t sound usefull of the bat, but it will score you some kudos on any project anyway.