Christmas party at work…

Last night my employer threw a christmas party. The invitation said “Tenue de ville”. So almost everybody was dressed classy. Anyway, I almost got blasted 😉 Usually I never drink any alchohol, but sometimes… (like once a year or so) Anyway, I only had 5 or six “Hertog Jan”. It’s a beer, but not just beer like buds or heineken. Noooo…. This is a bit stronger. It’s a dark beer.

Anyway… Had lots of fun, but this morning my head was a bit painfull, couldn’t eat breakfast. So I just skipped all that and checked out and went home.

Good to see my colleagues in a different setting. One thing though… Yesterday evening I had a minute to myself and was looking over the dance floor and I thought… “My my, gorgeous women… Wow!! Wait… Party.. Work… Colleagues… Tech company… Women = Colleagues partners. Shit!! I think I’ll get another beer.”

As I said, lots of fun.