OpenSSH for Windows OpenSSH for Windows

Finally got around to setting up a SSH tunnel. I’m still running windows, but that’ll change soon. Apple confirmed the shipment of my iMac.

Anyway, setting up SSH has been a real pain in the ass, or perhaps I’m just stupid…

Anyway, install the above on your windows box…
Go to the install directory…

CD into the “bin” dir.
enter: mkgroup -l >> ..\etc\group
enter: mkpasswd -l -u “Your windows user name” >> ..\etc\passwd

Be a bit carefull with the user you are exporting remotely…

Now you can use any ssh client available with the mentioned user (PW same as in windows). Tunneling also works like a charm.
With the standard ssh client of sshwindows: ssh -L 80:[networkPrivateMachine]:80 [yourIp]
Now your can point a browser to your local machine (localhost). ssh tunnels it to the OpenSSH box at [yourIp] and forwards all request to [networkPrivateMachine] on your private network.

Check the docs on the mentioned site for details.

Apple – iMac G5

Apple – iMac G5

Call me crazy, but I’m getting one of these. I’m just waiting for the keynote of Apple’s CEO on 11 januari, maybe they’ll have some new stuff for their product line. Would be a shame to buy something and two weeks later hear that something better is coming out real soon.

Yes. it’s an Apple. But did you know James Gosling works on Apple too? So it should be a reasonable alternative for me as a Java Developer.

New project assignment…

After a couple of months working on a project going from bad to worst it’s a relieve to finally be on a new assigment. The project I’m in is about building a logistic planning application. It involves planning manpower, material and tracks. Oh did I mention that making the plan for one year takes 200 people nine (!!) months to complete. Talk about a complex process. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be doing all kinds og GUI related work based on Eclipse 3.0.1 RCP (Rich Client Platform). Never done that before… 😛 This will look good on my resume.