Beginning Unix… Beginning Shell Scripting…

Beginning Unix (Programmer to Programmer)2 weeks back I bought a couple of books.

Beginning Unix (ISBN: 0-7645-7994-0) and Beginning Shell Scripting (ISBN: 0-7645-8320-4). Thoose books are brand new and somehow Wrox Press always seems to sell their books a bargain prices. 🙂 Which is a good thing. 🙂

Anyway I bought both books to have some light reading while commuting to work. I’m not that much of a Unix guru. And I believe that running over the basics of things is a good thing. I must say, these books are pretty well written.

Beginning Shell Scripting (Programmer to Programmer)I can go into detail, but for a Unix newbie these books are absolutely perfect. They were perhaps a bit of an easy read for me, but for someone getting started as a first timer? Go buy these books. After having read these books you ought to know enough to manage the rest for yourself. Because, really, everything in these book can be found on the internet and in the man pages. But having it sorted and put together in easy digestable chunks is very nice to have.

The writters of these books actually took the trouble of pointing out all the important differences and gotchas when using different Unix flavors. (BSD, Linux and OSX)

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