My first kitchen…

Buying your first kitchen is really weird. It actually kinda freaked me out when I did. I passed a point of no return, now there is nothing going to stop me from moving out of my parents house.

Yeah, I’m kinda late with that, but I’m getting there. 😛 Anyway, expect some nice pictures in, oh, about five months.

Anyway, it will be a U-shaped kitchen, with mouse gray boarding and doors, except one stack of drawers in the bottom of the U. There the drawers will be red and 85 cm wide. Working top with a gray/black finish. 5 point gas stove, all equipement will be installed. Microwave, oven, freezer, refrigerator, washing machine and offcourse, a kitchen sink with a small sink to wash my veggies. :p

It’s gonna be cool.

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  1. You’ll really love it mate 😉 Congrats on the kitchen, just don’t forget to invite me for dinner some time! I guess this is a bit of a cut in your DAX budget eh? heheehe…. Talk to you soon mate, cheers!

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