Attending J-Spring (or should I say J-Summer)

Dutch Java User Group This year I’ve made a topic proposal to the NL-JUG for the upcoming J-Spring conference. I suggested to do a piece about Maven 2. Would be great if I get selected. I’ve heard unconfirmed rumours that someone important of the Maven project might be attending. Would be great to actually be checked out by someone related to the topic at hand.

Anyways, I also have heard the NL-JUG will be deciding this week about the speaker slots. All I can do now is wait and sit tight. The conference is called J-Spring and is at the 15th of june. Normally the conference is in the spring, but this year it is a bit later because the JavaOne is also on another date this year. I’ll definatly be on the J-Spring 2006, let’s just hope it’ll be on stage too. The NL-JUG is the dutch Java User Group. They’re the ppl who snatched the James Gosling JUG slot at the JavaOne this year.