How enthousiasm can bite me in the hiny…

We’ve all had this happen to us. You hear about something you would really like to do. You hear that it might actually happen. You filter out all uncertain parts and get all excited about it.

You know, like a little kid that sees a big christmass package and automatically assumes it’s for him.

In your enthousiasm you cut some corners, step on a few toes here and there. And finally someone drags you into a corner to contemplate your sins.

Boy did that happen to me when I was a kid. Fact is, it still happens to me these days. Only difference is that now when I understand when something was not entirely correct, I get this gut wrenching feeling of guilt.

The thing is, I’m an ethousiastic kinda guy. So it’s in my nature to “cut corners” and unknowingly step on a few toes here and there. Bah… Lets just keep it at that. Those in the known will know what this is about.