NL-JUG J-Spring proposal follow-up…

Dutch Java User Group A few days back I posted about my session proposal to the NL-JUG‘s J-Spring. Three proposols came in for a Maven 2 session. And it seems I failed the cut. Too bad for me.

I will definatly attend the J-Spring though. It’s an excellent place to see some old friends again and catch a few presenations. There will probably be a Maven 2 session, since it matches very nicely with the overall theme of this J-Spring. So I will probably sit in on that one to see if I missed any details on the subject. And I’ll have a few unanswered questions handy as well if I’m in the mood.

Also I’d recommend every dutch Java developer to join the NL-JUG. Great way to meet and greet, make new contacts, learn stuff and if you’re on a job hunt, get a few job offerings.