They don’t call me Long John because my head is so big.

Seems like cheesy pick-up lines don’t work here either.

Well experiment is over. I did pick up a few extra visitors because of my target rich blog entry. You know, targets like “free”, “sex” and “mp3” in them. 😉 But not as much as I’d expected, must have been my obvious blog entry header. Probably had the same effect as a bad pick-up line or something.

When I can, I’ll swing a hot word or two right in. But I promise I won’t use those keywords anymore when they are out of context for the post. That’s just not my cup of java. Like: “I don’t swing that way.” Getting free visitors looking for porn shouldn’t even be here. Since this blog isn’t about porn or free MP3’s.

LOL, Ok enough fun and tacky attempts to integrate cheesy keywords.

Oh, one more thing: Best wishes to my friends at the JavaOne, wish I could have been there too. 😉