Ethical differences between copyright on software and software patents…

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a report which compares copyright and patent legislation for software on an ethical level. And let me tell you, this stuff is hard for me. I can not just compare things on a business level. I have to trace back things to the most basic level of ethics.

Guys like Rawls, Marx, Aristotle (and then some more…) all have they’re own views on ethics when it comes to business value and fruits of labor.

For instance this Marx guy has some ideas which are not that compatible with our current capitalistic ways of conducting business. While Rawls links things back to a “Early bird takes the worm” kind of thinking.

And then there is the old school. Major difficulty in making sense of Aristotle in the context of copyright and patents. My feeling is that I am missing something. The only question is what. Because the brick wall I’m running into has to do with my problems in finding the links between all this stuff. I’ve been making some mindmaps last night and they seem to have helped a bit. I have a very clear distinction between copyright and patent. Now to do the same thing with those philosophers views that are relevant to my subject matter. A task that feels daunting. And all this for a 19 page report.

Any opinions and info on this subject are very much apreciated.

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