Masters of the merging universe…

Today, is a good day to start drinking coffee. But then again maybe not. Here I am fresh from weekend. (I took a day off on monday.) And the first order of business is….
“Hey Jeroen, can you merge this branch to yours, update to the latest release and continue with fixing bugs.”

Now that last part is no problem at all. But that first merging part… I wish I’d took the entire week off. Yes I hate Clearcase, I absolutly do.

But then again, I know that lots of business would otherwise use some other vile contorted creation. (Sourcesafe anyone?) Yeah it was fine in its days, but come on! One good thing about Clearcase is the ocasional Smalltalk error popping up. It does feel retro, kinda cool. And another good thing about Clearcase is the fact that on the server side it is pretty ok. Not too much funy stuff like crashing repositories. Well, atleast I never hear the build manager complain.

Why everyone is so affraid of SubVersion is beyond me. Never have I seen it being used at one of my contracts. Lets hope that changes soon in the near future. Because, and I know it’s not comparable to a real project, I’ve been using SubVersion without a hitch now for my personal stuff for over 2 years now. And sofar it has been flawless. Backing up me repository is a sweet deal too. It’s all scriptable. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that my “stuff” is backed-up and versioned too.. 😛

Seems the automated part of my Clearcase merge is done. Time to put my Kung-Fu merge Master skill to the test again. Practice makes perfect, even with something as nasty as merging code…

Quote of the day: “Clearcase smells like hiny and SubVersion smells like fresh green apples.”

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