Registration for NL-JUG’s J-Spring

Dutch Java User Group Well, last night I registered for the NL-JUG‘s J-Spring. So those who want to come to the NL-JUG’s J-Spring too should start registering soon!

Let me know if you are planning to attend, perhaps we can have a drink/talk @ J-Spring. And yes, I’m an official member of the NL-JUG too. 😀

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  1. Who’s that moron wiebe? I can’t post a comment on his site, but you seem to know him. Please send him a mail to stop copying text for his blog and correctly quote things he uses.

    His latest two postings are copied:

    was copied from joel spolsky:

    He actually has the nerve to call it the wiebe test.

    The other post:
    was copied from here:

    What a sad guy…

  2. Just some guy I’ve been in a project with.

    Also, if you have a problem with him, please take it up with him personally.

    Posting anonymously on some other guys blog does not fit in my personal definition of proper conduct either.

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