Naked presentations

On to something positive.

Last week I talked about doing an in company presentation about a book I read. Well I’ve mailed around a bit with some people that are responsible for the blogs of my employer. (Mine is not one of them though.) I got some positive feedback and some guidelines, so yeah I’m going to do it. Now to do some research on the book again.

Naked Conversations : How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers I’m not someone who does simple copy pasting, sure I’ll re-use some tips and anecdotes. But I’ll be sure to make it my story with credit where credit is due. The hard part will be to scrape together the best bits in the book and make a concise story of it that’ll fit inside 45 minutes. Also because it is not a really standard subject for an in company presentation I plan to experiment a bit with some tips taken from Presentation Zen.

Because the subject material is available all in the open and there is nothing secret about it’s contents I’ll look into publishing the results here. So stay tuned…

My build just finished, so I have to get back to work again…

My ad-sense account got bombed

In my previous post I said I was considering using adsense on this blog too. On my previous blog I was in fact running ad-sense ads.

But last night I received a very friendly e-mail from Google. Basicly Google claims that I have commited fraud by generating clicks on my own adsense banners. Let me tell you I just did not do such a thing. What I did see was an sudden increase in my ad-sense clicks and click through rate (CTR). I mean come one, a clickthrough rate of over two hundred percent?? That would mean on average each visitor on my site would have clicked twice or more. Besides, even if I wanted to boost my own banner clicks, would I really be dumb enough to do it in such an obvious fasion? I had like twenty clicks a week and suddenly I had ten times that number in one single day.

Anyway, too bad for me and ad-sense. It didn’t get me any revenue anyhow. My site is simply not visited enough for that. But what I do hate is that someone out there decided that it was a good idea to bomb the ad-sense ads on my previous blog.

Kudo’s to Google though for finding a writer capable of writing bad news in such a friendly way. I just like to think that I’m not the first one whose ad-sense ads are bombed like this and that Google is in fact aware of suchs things happening. They are just protecting their own interests, but it just stinks to feel accused for something I simply didn’t do.

To adsense or not to adsense

Here’s one small time blogger trying to figure out if he should use ad-sense or not. I’ve tried how it looks, but I find ad-sense ads to disturbing on my blog for my taste. Since I am small time, the money I might make just doesn’t seem worth it. Besides I don’t have community credit to get away with it, at-least that’s what I think.

Concluding on what other people say (Seth Godin’s & Peter T Davis), I think it greatly depends on the kind of site, the community approval of the author and the placement of the ads. Obnoxious ads right in your readers face are not such a good idea especially when you’re small time and starting like me.

My choice for now: I won’t, perhaps in the future, insights can always change.

Marketing and programmers

Peter’s blog pointed me to a entry by Seth Godin about how marketing and programmers usually bite eachother and why it is important to guard against certain default behaviours.

To support the point made by Peter I’d like to suggest a book I’ve read: Don’t make me think. This book is a good illustration on how proper design helps to commit marketing, users, management and your own team. Ok, it is focussed on web design, but isn’t design one of the most important factors when it comes to gaining commitment? When it looks pretty people automatically think it’s good.

Welcome to my new and improved blog…

Nice to see you here.

Previously I’ve been blogging at

But not anymore! It was time to get a real blog. So I fixed myself up with some hosting and a WordPress install. Fortunatly all my posts on have been imported here, so is just old news. 🙂

Why wont they come back again…

I just checked my visitor logs today. And there’s this handy little graph showing the visitors a day, in a month. Here’s the latest monthly graph:
Image courtesy of
Visitor spike, period May 26th - June 25th, 2006

You can imagine that I thought: “What the heck is up with that?” After checking my referrals logs it was obvious. Something I put on Joel Spolsky’s discussion forum. Readers of my blog now what I mean.

Now, as you can see, that’s a freaking weird graph. It was caused by a certain event. The thing that bugs me the most is the actual subject for this spike. I’d rather had it because of another blog posting. Because the visitors in this spike just won’t stick I’m affraid. Simply because it was not a regular kind of entry for this blog.

I’m of sulking now, trying to think up ways to get people to “stick”.

Weird stuff with Eclipse…

Or: How to get your users pissed unhappy.

Simple: Hack to span an Eclipse RCP screen accross more than one monitor. Don’t ask me why, it wasn’t my idea. I’ve just seen this in code somewhere.

Here’s how it works:

Mess up the Window.getInitialSize() so it takes all your screen real estate into acount, you’ve got two displays 1200 pixels wide? Ok, then we make the initial size’s width 2400. Don’t forget to mutilate alter the Window.constrainShellSize() method accordingly, else Eclipse will act up a bit. (How naughty.)

Now comes the best part. make sure you filter any occurences of SWT.RESIZE when Window.setShellStyle(int newShellStyle) gets called. Yes I said filter. Imagine some gullable developer passing by who thinks restricting window resizing is an excelent end-user screw.

Did I mention that all this was achieved by some aspectj crosscutting??

In the end, it works, sort of. Maximizing is disabled and resizing is disabled. So you end up with a huge piece of crap window plastered all over your screen real estate. You see, users are just dumb people. Letting them decide how to set their window sizes can only result in trouble. Well, atleast that seems to be the idea.

I hope you all got the point that I think the above is an “excellent” idea. (No, ofcourse I don’t think the above is a good idea.)