Oh no! They’re at it again…

Now I must admit I have not ran the second beta myself. I hate beta OS-es. They’re always a big pain in the hiny.

But today I came accross this blog entry. I mean, just look at it. To me this is proof that OSX is infact better then Vista. Haha! Not to mention that eventhough Vista is a visual improvement, it’s still ugly.

Funny to see that first a lot of people were saying: “Ohw, all that visual stuff on a mac, who needs it. It only slows us down.”
And now it’s all: “Oooh, aaaah, looky here how nice Vista is going to look.”

Come on ppl, get a life. Not to mention that it will take about half a decade before Vista is in common use.

Call me a Mac fanboy if you want. But just look at these comparisons. Are you still able to say that Vista is the next big step in OS design…