The complete guide to Digital Type

The Complete Guide to Digital Type : Creative Use of Typography in the Digital Arts Well, I’ve picked up a new book this weekend.

The Complete Guide to Digital Type : Creative Use of Typography in the Digital Arts

Now what should a developer like me do with something like this? A book about typesetting, fonts, serifs, strokes, heights, em, en, ascenders descenders x-lines terminals, counters, stems, legs, ears, arms. loops, links, and then some more…

Ehm, well. This books just looks pretty. And by looking pretty it suckered me into buying it. Because for me as a technical person all this stuff is not really the most important subject. Or is it?

Anyway, this book is a really nice introduction to the intricacies of typesetting and font usage. After the introduction it goes on about how to properly use font effects and eventually how to create font effects. Lots of stuff for the PhotoShop and Illustrator people out there. Lots of pretty pictures too.

Although I wont use all the information in this book, it does provide me with a solid background on fonts and typesetting. So hopefully I wont make the mistake of choosing form over function when it comes to creating slideware. 😛

I think this book is a definate must read for people who want to use fonts and typesetting properly. It also helps with making sense of all the terms used when fonts are being discussed. And even if you just want to read this book casually, it is so nicely designed. It’s just a joy to open up this book and be surprised by the layout of the pages. Just thumbing through this book should provide you with neat ideas about new ways to typeset/layout your own documents.