Plagiarism is a bad thing

Today, something strange happened.

Yesterday an anonymous person has entered a comment on my blog stating that Wiebe was actively commiting plagiarism, on his own, now offline blog.

This situation made me having to make a very difficult discision. I believe in the power of changing and influencing your own world by acting. On the other hand, selling someone out is just plain lame. The option I chose was by seeking advice from the community. I posted the evidence submitted on my blog and asked what to do. In hindsight probably a rather shortsighted action on my part. I should have given Wiebe a chance to correct his ways.

Anyway, things seemed to get a life on its own. And before I knew it there was a lot of harsh criticism. But most of it was actually correct and justified. Wiebe now has taken offline his blog and it seems he posted this as an apology:

Dear visitors,

I was surprised to see all your reactions on the stories I had posted on my blog. And yes it is correct that I posted some articles I copied from others sites. The reason is not to rip and take the credit for the stories, but to share the expertise. So I sincerely apologize to the autors of the articles, it won’t happen again. The articles are deleted from the blog.

It might not have been the best choice, but it was made with only the best intentions. The thing that dissappoints me about you so called collegues is the remarks about me as a professional. Everyone makes mistakes, but to make this about my qualities is a sad thing to do. I’ve been wrong and I didn’t have the right to use the articles this way. Just as well as you don’t have the right to attack my qualities, or me as a person

So again I would like to say sorry.

To the critics I would like to say:

think twice about the way you open your mouth, there are real people behind the screen!

Personally I think Wiebe should have thought about the people behind the screens before commiting the plagiarism. Also I think that the community effect should suffice and everybody should get off of Wiebe’s back. And death threats are never correct. 😉

To me this whole issue is now resolved. I can imagine that when I ever meet Wiebe in real life again he will not be all warm en friendly to me. But, considering the situation, I only did what I thought was best. And I hope that more people act upon plagiarism in a way like I did. But maybe give the person commiting the plagiarism a chance before inadvertently rowling up a lynch mob.

2 Replies to “Plagiarism is a bad thing”

  1. I don’t have his contact information. The fact that Wiebe and I worked on the same project does not imply that I still have contact with him.

    All I did was ask somewhere else what I should do about it. Just as I stated above. From there it all happened on itself.

    Besides, nobody asked Wiebe to drop his blog. Removing or altering the offending posts would have been more than enough.

    Also Wiebe is the one in error here. Him being publicly humiliated is a fair result of his postings on his weblog. Also Wiebe’s appeal on the fact that there are people behind the screen is surprising, why did he not think of that when he was copy pasting all over?

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