My ad-sense account got bombed

In my previous post I said I was considering using adsense on this blog too. On my previous blog I was in fact running ad-sense ads.

But last night I received a very friendly e-mail from Google. Basicly Google claims that I have commited fraud by generating clicks on my own adsense banners. Let me tell you I just did not do such a thing. What I did see was an sudden increase in my ad-sense clicks and click through rate (CTR). I mean come one, a clickthrough rate of over two hundred percent?? That would mean on average each visitor on my site would have clicked twice or more. Besides, even if I wanted to boost my own banner clicks, would I really be dumb enough to do it in such an obvious fasion? I had like twenty clicks a week and suddenly I had ten times that number in one single day.

Anyway, too bad for me and ad-sense. It didn’t get me any revenue anyhow. My site is simply not visited enough for that. But what I do hate is that someone out there decided that it was a good idea to bomb the ad-sense ads on my previous blog.

Kudo’s to Google though for finding a writer capable of writing bad news in such a friendly way. I just like to think that I’m not the first one whose ad-sense ads are bombed like this and that Google is in fact aware of suchs things happening. They are just protecting their own interests, but it just stinks to feel accused for something I simply didn’t do.