Naked presentations

On to something positive.

Last week I talked about doing an in company presentation about a book I read. Well I’ve mailed around a bit with some people that are responsible for the blogs of my employer. (Mine is not one of them though.) I got some positive feedback and some guidelines, so yeah I’m going to do it. Now to do some research on the book again.

Naked Conversations : How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers I’m not someone who does simple copy pasting, sure I’ll re-use some tips and anecdotes. But I’ll be sure to make it my story with credit where credit is due. The hard part will be to scrape together the best bits in the book and make a concise story of it that’ll fit inside 45 minutes. Also because it is not a really standard subject for an in company presentation I plan to experiment a bit with some tips taken from Presentation Zen.

Because the subject material is available all in the open and there is nothing secret about it’s contents I’ll look into publishing the results here. So stay tuned…

My build just finished, so I have to get back to work again…

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