Callisto is final

Last night I installed the final release of Callisto with Eclipse 3.2 on my mac. And it works like a charm so far. Earlier release candidates were often broken on OSX. But this seems solid. Also the sheer amount of functionality is just overwhelming, where do I start with exploring all the goodies provided by the Callisto release plug-ins?

Callisto is here...Compared to previous Eclipse OSX releases Eclipse seems a lot more polished now. Sure there are some gripes, like scroll-bars appearing in the description field of the new project wizard. But it is getting better and better. Guess I will be doing some Wayne Beaton inspired evangelising on my current project next week. (Basically this would mean raising my hands into the air, exclaim why I think Eclipse is best, then kindly respond to all questions being asked. I won’t go swimming in a frozen lake though.)

I have been goofing around a bit last night, I smacked together some user interfaces with VE. Which is also part of the Callisto release. It seems to work ok, but still it doesn’t have the flexibility of rolling the views yourself. I’m not sure yet if I really like Visual Editor, but the rest of Callisto: Awesome! 😛