The stage is set, pieces are moving… and I need pictures!

My Naked Conversations presentation is set. I always work better with a deadline. On the 2nd of August I will be presenting to my fellow co-workers. Now to actually start making the presentation. What is the plan:

  • The presentation should last 45 minutes, with an extra 20 minutes for questions at the end.
  • Motivate my co-workers to blog and to blog the right way (to my opinion offcource.
  • Provide a motivation for our company to blog. A lot of people wonder why we should actually do this.
  • Review the current blogging activity by comparing it to some empirical data. (Not sure what data yet though. 🙂 )
  • Gently point out what I think we should change in our current blogging activities. No reason to create animosity.

As you can see, that’s a lot to cram into a 45 minute talk. I think I’ll go for a sort of mash-up of things I’ve read in the book, found on the internet and my own experiences/opinions. Perhaps a high speed quote shoot-out with pretty pictures. The most important thing is to interest people in the first place. When they are interested I am hoping they will start asking questions.

There is one thing I still am a bit stifled about: What are good graphic representations of blogging? Anybody got ideas about that?