First presentation preparation notes

Two days ago I thumbed through Naked Conversations again and jotted down some quick notes on what I would like to cover in my presentation. I also thought about what graphic depictions/metaphors to use.

Here are the notes, depictions are bracketed:

  • Souls – Borg – Microsoft
    (Borg Cube, 7of9 nine)
    Page 9
    • People not borg
    • Souls of the borg
      • How?
        Page 11/12
    • Humanise
    • Channel 9 – Robert Scoble’s role
    • 1500+ MS Bloggers
      (wildfire spread)
  • What is a blog?
    • Personal web-site with content in reverse chronological order.
      Page 26/28
      (show silly example, perhaps a cooky baking blog or something involving a strange hobby)
  • Direct access (short cut/)
    • Bob Lutz – GM vice chairman
      (corp. guy mug shot)
    • Should Toon [owner/director of InfoSupport] blog too?
      (infosupport/Toon blog mock up showing a proud Toon in the corner.)
  • Success tips
    page 78
    • Doing it right
    • Doing it wrong
      page 149
    • Keeping your job
      page 181/190
      (getting fired)
    • Tech tips?
  • Is blogging marketing?
    page 94/99
    • Link to local hero strategy
      (heroic looking person)
    • Blog or Die?
      (I can think of something here.. πŸ™‚ )
    • Create customer evangelism
      page 88
      (Perhaps Wayne Beaton’s cold water exercise. πŸ˜€ )
    • Word of mouth
      page 39
      • Kryptonite
        (show the lock, perhaps also a picture of the hack)
        • Blogging in a crisis
          page 97
      • Skype
        (logo, friendly gal/guy with a headset)
      • Firefox
        (fox logo, no more IE blog buzz depiction)
      • Example more like InfoSupport?
        See page 63

As you can see this is still very rough data. But it’s a start. If there’s anyone with an opinion out there based on these simple notes, please let me know. At this stage the more discussion the better. I’ve tried to pick the most interesting aspects for my audience. The hard part will be to mold this diverse selection into one story and at the same time “make it my own”. Regurgitating a book is something any drone can do. Also it’s hard sometimes to decide what to include and what to scrap.

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