Why won’t people use PGP/GPG?

GPG logoIt seems that in my web of trust everybody just trust each-other. I poked around a bit here and there, but it seems nobody is using a tool like Gnu Privacy Guard.

Everybody seems so concerned with data theft, yet nobody seems to act against it. Also, wouldn’t you like to be able to verify to some degree if someone is actually who they claiming to be when receiving an important e-mail? I would, but it just seems nobody cares. In fact today I’ve read a news bulletin stating that Dutch teenagers throw any reservations out the window when there’s a chance to have something for free. To me that is just shocking. Yes I am aware that certain information about me is readily available through this weblog. But that is a choice I have made while fully understanding the implications involved.

Not to mention this new beta system Google is about to release. Something involving a private storage space where you can store/backup your files. Of-course all linked into your GMail account. Sure the service Google provides is great, and I in fact wouldn’t really mind that Google indexes my some of my stuff. But the entire package where my e-mail, back-ups, search terms and what not are all indexed and possibly tied together. Now that sounds like power play to me.

Because of the above and other reasons, I’d like to ask people to start thinking about the “safety” of your data. No problem in not encrypting and signing your stuff. But make sure you do so after good deliberation. Also after you set things up, the pain is over. Your mail application can help you sign, decrypt, encrypt and validate messages with ease. Just look around a bit and most likely your favourite client can be extended with a plug-in of some sort with ease.