Well, I’m glad that’s over again… for now.

My last blog post has been 7 days ago already. Now that’s not good. I have read a book that states a good blogger should post often.

Fortunatly I have an excuse. Since I was a little kid I always have had these terrible headaches every now and then. My physician diagnosed me with a form of migraine or tension headache. Basicly it involves sound and light sensitivity with a one sided pain in my head. Most of the times it’s the left side, but it can be my right side too.

Anyway, it was super fun again last week. Of all 7 days I had headaches on 5 days. With two of them inhibiting my ability to work. As you can guess I have been resting a lot last week.

My trigger apears to be stress. And this can come from the strangest sources. Usually it’s actually not directly work related. Like this week. There’s a heat wave going on here and the heat is preventing me from getting a good nights sleep. Shortage in sleep causes stress. I am talking about no more then 6 hours of sleep every night for a few days. I get really tired, and when I actually get some rest, 2 days later it’s bingo.

Anyway, I have tried these things sofar:

Most those have been met with partial succeses. Sometimes it works, but I can’t predict if and when. All I know is that the nasal spray made me get a bit loopy at times. That was really weird stuff so I decided to not use that stuff anymore. The glasses, sport and relaxation excersizes have improved my life a lot already when it comes to headaches. But there is still a lot of room for improvement.

My plan when headache strikes:

  1. Get something to eat before I start to feel sick. It helps me get over the headache when I actually eat something and get to keep it in.
  2. Take a really hot shower. And by hot I mean hot on the edge of painfull.
  3. Lie flat on my belly with the painfull side into the mattress without a pillow.

So, you see, I have an excuse for not posting last week. Also, suggestions are always very welcome…