The problem with getting some input…

About three weeks ago I sent an e-mail to all my colleagues with a company blog. In the e-mail I asked for anything extraordinary caused by their blogs. So far I only received only a few responses. I let that settle a bit and I have come to the following possible reasons for the lack of response:

  • Nothing special happened.
  • People don’t care.
  • I ended up in a spam filter or got snowed under piles of other e-mail.

Lets review each of the items in the above list.

Nothing special happened
Well then that would be a shame. This could mean a few things:

  • Nobody is reading it because it’s just not interesting.
  • Nobody is finding it because it’s just not findable.

Both would be harsh conclusions if you ask me. Since the keyword count seems high at the blogs of my colleagues and I do believe that my company employes a lot of smart people. While I can not look into the server logs of the different blogs a few colleagues do have a stat counter on their page. Reviewing these shows that, while there is not a whole lot of activity, there are quite a few revisiting ip-s showing up. So my best guess would be that the blogs are just not indexed properly. Lets just put this on my TODO list for this week.

People don’t care
Another possible reason could be that people just don’t care about their blogs. “Nobody is reading my entries, so why would I care about my blog?” Let’s just say that I don’t think that’s the kind of people working at my employer, lets hope not. Then there is only one other alternative I think, people just didn’t care enough about my request. After-all it was a simple e-mail message. With about 14 addressees. The thought that someone else will have responded enough comes to mind. Luckily I got this cell phone here with all their numbers on it. So yet again, another one for next week. Let’s call some people, give them that little personal touch. Should work I think.

I ended up in a spam filter or got snowed under piles of other e-mail.
Spam filter? No way, it was an internal message to other internal accounts. Snowed under? Very likely. So like I said, my to-do list contains the following item: Haunt Query come colleagues about their blogs by phone.

I’m hoping to hear some statements like: “Oh yeah I read that, I must have missed it because I get heaps of other messages.” You know what I mean, the lame sounding excuses for someone not running their inbox to the best of their abilities. Perhaps I should do a blog entry on that too sometime. (Like nobody else did that before.)

2 Replies to “The problem with getting some input…”

  1. jeroen,

    try looking at the source code of these blogs, if you use correct xhtml and stuff, you will make it easier for google to find you…

  2. Indeed, the corporate blog of my employee is running on an ancient version of .TEXT. Bad spam prevention, bad UI flow, looks ugly and HTML is ugly. In my presentation last night I made a case for an upgrade. The big boss was attending too, so let’s hope he is convinced.

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