Sometimes I hate myself…

..because I get into the train to travel to work. I managed to get a nice seat, no yelling kids nearby or other nasty loudmouths. I flip out my PowerBook. *&@$, I forgot that I deleted my preliminary notes after posting them on my blog. Can’t find anything in my browser’s cache either. So I slept all the way, better luck tomorrow. Right now I only jotted down like 12 slides.

Also today our Knowledge Center secretary posted the invitation e-mail to all my co-workers. So that’s past a point of no return. I wonder who will show up this wednesday, a lot of people are on vacation too.

The biggest thing missing in my slides right now is a link to the “local hero” strategy my employer tries to implement. I promised I would tie my presentation into that subject too. Personally I am really curious what this really means for our company. We are a knowledgable player in The Netherlands, from my experience we have an ok reputation (always room for improvement). But this “local hero” stuff is still a bit vague. Does it mean we are a bunch of extremely hard working people? Are we really that much ahead of the competition? What qualities makes a “local hero” a “local hero”? Because I have not seen anything heroic as of yet.

I’ll have to figure this out today or tomorrow.