The truth about computer-science…

Normally I just don’t do it. I don’t like link blogs at all. But today Joel Spolsky posted something that is so true, it just plain hurts when you realise it. I just have to make an exception, because it aligns with my personal view perfectly.

Can Your Programming Language Do This?

This is true in the Netherlands too. All they teach/learn at comp-sci these days is Java or .NET. Such a waste, because these guys & girls get a degree without even having tasted or seen functional programming. There are exceptions. But most of the time, too bad.

Rest assured, I won’t go link whoring on this blog.

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  1. I totally agree on this issue. I have a Msc degreen in CS at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands). During the program you are mainly using Haskell (, because you are mainly studying and working on advanced topics like compiler technology, program analysis and correctness or program transformtation. Making tools in those kinds of fields demands more expressive languages, like Haskell (in my opinion it’s more expressive than Java). Haskell also saves you time, due to fact that you have code less to do more..(See the quick-sort algorithm on wikipedia)..During my study I was only using Java for coarses like Internet Programming or OO-design, when it became more mathematical we switched over to Haskell.

    In my daily work I do benefit from the functional programming ideas. As a programmer you get more feeling for using types, recursive functions and efficient programming. When you use this in combination with the advanced courses I mention you certainly acguire more programming understanding than we you are left in the OO world building business apps…

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