Book: Interface Oriented Design

Interface-Oriented Design (Pragmatic Programmers) Don’t buy this book. It’s only good for dead weight and lighting a fire. The book seemed so promising when I picked it up. Some guy’s views on interface oriented design. After some mandatory introductory stuff it goes bad. Real bad. It winds up into to a pizza laden interface convulsion where XML gets dragged in by it’s hair, topped with the most basic of basic remarks about why and how you should design by interface. Hell, it even grabs the Gang of Four by the balls to give it a little twist.

And I thought that “The Pragmatic Programmers” publishing stood for quality. Kind of like the way O’Reilly books are no-brainers (in good way) when looking for a book about a subject.

Don’t say I warned you when you buy this book. It’s that bad, I wont waste any more words on it. Now I’m of searching for my receipt in hope of being able to return this thing.