djay for OS-X

djay Screen shot
I came accross a great little Os X app today: djay The reason for blogging about this app is simple. Just look at the screenshot. It’s so intuitive it’s almost painfull. Wanna scratch a little, grab that record and work it out with your mouse. Next I was wondering how I could change the time index. There was no button or menu item anywhere. I was just thinking to difficult. Click on the arm and drag the LP player and you are changing the time index. You get suitable feedback at the top of the screen while handling the arm, the time index shows below the time remaining index.

Anyway enough of the fun stuff. My point is, this little app just clicks. The UI looks great and it you can control the application without a hitch in a very intuitive way. While it is just a little “app” (well, it does a lot of fun stuff with the Quicktime Framework under the hood), it’s an excellent example of taking a step back before creating a UI. The point is, think before slapping together another UI. It’s very important that a UI just flows and feels right.