Rich Client Vs. Web: User interface

One of the most visible effects of choosing either web or desktop technology is the way the resulting application will appear. Right now there are a couple of development frameworks to take into consideration. These are in no particular order:

  • Basic web application
  • AJAX
  • Netbeans/Eclipse Rich Client
  • Swing/SWT application

(This list is Java oriented.)

All of these have advantages and disadvantages. The list above can be divided into two main categories. To no surprise these are Web and Desktop. Anyway, right now I’m working for my employer on a document which ellaborates on these differences. Also I’ve submitted a proposal to the NL-JUG’s upcomming J-Fall to do a talk about this subject for my employer. I hope they’ll agree with me that it’s an important subject to reflect on a bit.

2 Replies to “Rich Client Vs. Web: User interface”

  1. While Spring offers all kinds of libraries and related stuff, it still is just a layer over the underlying Swing framework. While you could say that NetBeans and Eclipse RCP are layers on top of Swing and SWT. Spring Rich Client is not as full featured (yet?) as NetBeans or Eclipse RCP.

    I think of Spring Rich more as a support library supporting certain aspects of UI development, but not a full fledged Rich Client Platform. Therefor, I tend to group Spring Rich as yet another Swing support library. In the list I provided in this post Spring Rich would be grouped under Swing/SWT.

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