InfoSupport blogs migrated to Community Server 2.1

I just got back from a little vacation in France and am working through the e-mail and RSS feeds that have pilled up only 8 days. And then I come across a nice surprise… (I won’t mention the freakish time I’m typing this. 😉

My employer finally decided to migrate to a decent blog platform. Until recently they’ve been running an ancient .Text install. And let me tell you, it was not so pretty and lacked lots of handy blogging features like a decent comment spam filter, auto ping-back, track-back and tagging support.

InfoSupport blog Header

Make sure to take a peak. Right now I’m proud of the InfoSupport blogs. For those unfamiliar with the old look and feel, let’s just say I just tried not to mention our blogs, since they just that ugly to look at. The layout didn’t do justice to the actual content.

Also a few weeks back I gave a presentation to my co-workers about blogging in general. I also mentioned some handy features and things missing from the then current implementation. Although I’d like to think I caused this migration I just didn’t. But I do think that because of my presentation some people thought: “Well, to hell with .Text. Let’s do this migration from .Text to Community Server and be done with it.” From what I heard it was migration fraught with pitfalls and possible data-loss when done incorrectly. I’d say, well done and enjoy the new blogging environment.

Community Server LogoIf you’d like some more details about the platform the IS blogs are using… It’s Community Server. A Microsoft .Net based blogging solution. It’s one of the few serious blogging servers available. Unlike WordPress it supports multiple blogs straight out of the box. It’s comparable with SixApart’s Movable Type