NL-JUG J-Fall proposal has passed

Dutch Java User GroupThis year the NL-JUG’s J-Fall conference will be held on October 11th. Details are available at the NL-JUG’s website. The J-SPRING and J-FALL are the place to meet your fellow Dutch Java programmers. To me it has become a biannual gathering of past colleagues and sometimes even friends.

On a more personal note: My proposal to the NL-JUG to host a session has passed. I am thrilled about this. Especially because my proposed subject is such an interesting topic. It is not a very technical subject in itself. But I am going to talk about one of the more fundamental choices a project has to make about their product.

I am curious about the interest in my session. Since it is the in the last slot of the day and it is not about framework X or Y. But what I can promise everybody is that it will be something most of you have never seen before.

As a final note I provide you with an English translation of the proposal I sent in.

Session: Which user interface do I choose for my Java Application?
Speaker: Jeroen Leenarts, Info Support

Abstract: In this presentation you will receive an overview of the pros and cons of web and rich client technology. The differences between the various technologies will be clearly illustrated by means of practical examples. A number of technologies will be evaluated, including AJAX, Eclipse Rich Clients, Netbeans Applications, Web 1.0 (as in Web as we already know it) and Swing interfaces. A wide spectrum of technologies indeed, but they have something in common. All are very decisive about the way the resulting application will look and feel. Often one of these technologies is chosen without much thought about the suitability to the situation at hand. Don’t let your end-users down and choose a solution in the interest of your end-users. After my presentation you will be better equipped to make those decisions about which technical interaction model you want for your application.