Darwinports is freaking me out!!

Ruby on Rails project logoMan, am I having hard times with Rails and DarwinPorts MacPorts or what? The strangest things keep happening. My Rails install broke down again. Imagine my frustration. I’ve been messing around with it for a few days now. And trust me, nothing wrong with rails. This time it was an incomming update on a support library called gettext. Argh!! On itself nothing wrong with updates, and that stuff breaks because of it, fine. But not all in one week please.

In hindsight the fix was real simple.

  • sudo port uninstall [insert anything starting with rb-]
  • sudo port install rb-rails

Oh and another one if you would want to use rb-sqlite3 on Rails. Install swig before installing the sqlite adapter. And don’t forget, in your database.yml: adapter: sqlite3 Yes, with a three that is.

Just a sidenote: I officially fell in love with TextMate. This editor is soooo cool. Thank you very much MacroMates.