One and a half week to go…

Dutch Java User GroupYes my fellow Dutch Java friends. I hope you all registered again for another edition of the NL-JUG’s J-Fall. Looking at the program, I must say they’re still on the right track towards becoming a must see for all Dutch Java developers.

Also, make sure to visit my presentation of you are attending. I won’t tell you any more details right now. But it will be a presentation which you will find a bit different in a good way. I have one of the last slots of the day, but that’s just another reason to attend my presentation. Because I will do my best to keep you interested and awake. It would be a shame to doze off during the last round of presentations. “Because of the free beer and all that is.” 😛 Also, to my colleagues not attending the J-Fall, don’t despair, on the 25th I will do the same presentation on our fortnightly ISKA gathering.

Now about my presentation… I can’t resist. Here’s a little peak-a-boo: Frontpage InfoSupport Slidedeck