Finally I scored some goodies at a conference…

Last Wednesday I attended the J-Fall conference by the NL-Jug. Driving home I was already thinking about doing this blog post. But as you can see, it’s two days later now. When I got home after the J-Fall I immediately took a shower en jumped into my bed. I felt exhausted. Yesterday morning I felt really sick and today it is getting a bit better. Things like dizziness, head ache, belly ache and nausea. Fortunately I am not feeling feverish. Right now I actually feel good enough to get hit by some boredom as well. But reading up a book or just stretching my brain a bit just hurts like hell and makes me feel sicker. So this blog posting won’t involve the most enlightening opinions I guess.

Anyway, about the goodies at the J-Fall. I actually scored two very nice books. There was a company standing next to Sun’s booth and they provided these little scratch cards with which you could “win” a book. I actually was lucky enough to win a book. So I immediately dragged one of the stand workers from my companies booth to have a go at it as well. He scored as well. Unfortunately for him 😉 there were no books on display that he liked so he asked which book a would like and he got it for me. Also because I was a speaker at the J-Fall I was presented with a speaker present at the end of the conference. I didn’t really count in that to happen. So after attending numerous conferences I finally was able to score some real conference goodies beyond mugs, mouse pads and t-shirts.

Now I’m back to bed again. I think I over estimated how fit I was when I started writing this.