Performance training next week

Next week I am attending a course offered by Xebia through the NL-JUG. It’s about Java Performance tuning.

They are claiming Kirk Pepperdine from Java Performance tuning will be there as well. I am curious how much face time we will actually have with Kirk. I won’t be surprised if he pops his nose through the door for a bit and is off again. But on the other hand, he could be doing the whole course just as well. But my guess is he’ll be there for the full four days. Here’s the course description.

An interesting observation I’ve done is that the Xebia course description seems to match up perfectly with this page on the Java Performance tuning site. That would seem to suggest that someone from Java Performance tuning is attending and he’s bringing along all the instruction material as well.

I guess that’s one way to offer a course. A simple matter of reselling.

One last point. The confirmation said that the attendee should bring their own laptop with Java 5.0 SDK installed and wireless network support. That includes my Apple PB too I guess.