Java Action Week and some other things

The week after the performance tuning course has been a busy one. My employer planned a thing called a Java Action Week. A Java Action Week involves pulling back a number of people from our customers to create a focus group to achieve a number of goals in the short time-span of only a week. Last week my name was up, and while it was a busy week, it also was a very refreshing break from the normal course of business. I can’t really go into the details of things, company policy has to be followed on this one. Yeah it did involve something with Java programming.. 😉 All in all it was a very productive week.

Besides the regular 40 hour week my program is taking it’s toll as well. Because I was going to work by car instead of by train the last week I lost about 5 hours of work because of steering a car. But still I had to stay up to speed with the courses I am following. Next to that a friend of mine had a nice surprise in store for me as well. Although my time was very short these last two weeks, her surprise put a smile on my face. Something I really needed because I was starting to feel swamped by all the stuff I still have to do.

I’ve also noted an item in my agenda to compile some nice posts to put up here. But I’m just not getting around to it. So please hang on, there will be some good stuff here in the future.