Just a few notes…

Had a nice vacation the last three weeks. I’m in the process of picking up the pieces when I dropped everything three weeks ago. It basicly comes down to the familiar pile of e-mail.

I have done some software related updates to my blog. To my knowledge everything should be in working order again. If you do happen to run into a problem with my site, please let me know. I’ve checked that the contact form functionality is in working order. I also made sure to double check my rss feed is working properly for obvious reasons. The rest of the site should be ok, since I did a quick click around.

Next week I will start at a new project with a large Dutch bank. Something involving Maven 2 scripting as a build manager. I’ll be working with a lot of people including a few integrators. So I am hoping I’ll actually get to implement a new Maven 2 build infrastructure and manage the process of introducing my results instead of constantly caressing a build to completion. It’s going to be a big challenge to bring my assigned task to completion. The technical aspects should all work after a couple of problems and hick-ups. But besides the technical aspects I am expecting to do a lot of convincing, talking and reporting to get everybody on the same page concerning the new build mechanisms. Because I was told that I am going to be involved with a pilot scenario. Not to mention the number of people, departments, projects and external suppliers involved. Anyway, exciting stuff.