Five things you probably didn’t care about

Thanks a million Martin. Martin has caused me to do my first list of five blog.

Anyway on to the list:

  1. I started with basic too. Well what a surprise. It was on a ZX Spectrum. After that I went on to a 286 and sticked with intel from then on until two years ago. Then I finally made the stupid choice to have a go at an Apple. Now I’m an Apple guy in a Microsoft minded company. Hard times, but why do all my collegues come ganging up on me just to touch my PowerBook? Oh yeah, after Basic I went on to C, C++ and then Java.
  2. I have a secret fantasy. I would love to build a full fledged application with a LISP derivative. Scheme would be a good candidate.
  3. As stated I like Apple’s. But I hate them too, unless they’re in a pie.
  4. My nickname The-DDD which I still use quite often is based on my actions in Quake team Capture the Flag. I kinda died a lot covering the flag runner. See, it was my job to head bud incomming boomstick rounds. Some losers started yelling at me, telling me to “Drop dead, you dork.” Well, you guess what my nick was the next time we owned those guys. Yup you guesed it, The Drop Dead Dork. But that was a bit long. So it was abreviated to The-DDD[RedOmega].
  5. Feed me alchohol, you’ll have a laugh.

Next 5 up: Peter, Jasper, Wilfred, Harry and Marieke

Oh, and donate to your local Red Cross while while you’re at it. 😉

Edit: Corrected Harry’s blog link.

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