Hereby I declare, TextMate owns any previous editors I’ve used

TextMate Icon At my current project I started using TextMate for real. Because I’m editing file all over the place now instead of just java code. Anyway I could say I really love feature x or y. But no, I’m actually complaining a bit. What I would like to have is a Maven 2 Bundle for TextMate. Validated editing of pom.xml files would be great and running Maven 2 projects from textmate would really improve my workflow. I guess I’ll have to look into rolling my own Maven 2 bundle. A task which still seems a bit daunting. Because of all the XML validating and all. But then again, how hard can it be? Lots of Bundles to look into for examples anyway.

For all you potential Vista users, TextMate is Mac only. So forget Vista and get a Mac. 😉

Why I want maven 2? I’m doing a lot of Maven 2 edting for my curren t client right now. We are running a pilot on a project right now and when that succeeds and the business side of the equasion agrees: Loads of Maven 2 configurations to write. Not a few, not a dozen. But all together nearly one hundred poms to write. So editor support is actually almost a must.

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  1. Just curious if you ever got the Maven2 bundle working or just lived with it. I too have seriously started using TextMate and would love to be able to call Maven from inside (as I have some custom stuff setup for Groovy builds, but I’m finding Eclipse to be too heavyweight for the stuff I want to do).

  2. I’m sorry, haven’t been able to get myself around to it.

    But one advice I can give, use an editor with scheme validation. That way you’ve got instant element completion and some validation.

    Haven’t tried XMLMate for this though. I’m working in a multiplatform environment so I’ve reverted to JEdit for that particular project. (Nice editor, but it ain’t TextMate.)

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