Going to EclipseCon 2007

I am very happy to anounce that I will be attending EclipseCon 2007. It will be my first overseas conference ever. And the first intercontinental flight I will make. So major noob factor there. But all in all “Wow!”.

Within my employer I have been active for a thing called the “Rich Client Niche”. It is sort of an extra hours activity where we try to set company wide guidelines/standards and help RCP newbies on their way. And I am getting the feeling that it is starting to work, colleagues are aware of the niche and are actively requesting assistence and knowledge. In the past year we as the Rich Clien team have been able to get more attention to rich client Java development within our company. Especially at managerial level interest is growing into the potential opertunities in this area.

Going to EclipseCon 2007 To support our activities into this year the decision was made to send me and perhaps another colleague to the EclipseCon 2007. I am very much excited about this, I am hoping that because of this we are able to get out competence level to the next level. Also I am very curious to talk to people about potential business opertunities focussed around Eclipse RCP. Drop a line if you will be there as well. I’m especially interested to learn if any other dutch colleagues at other companies will attend.

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  1. have fun and post whatever usefull you find out. To me, this is not a conference that is usefull, but I still am interested. Not usefull as in, not my cup of tea, as I am totally into (as you will know) into front-front end development, just javascript, css and (x)html.

    By the way, on your previous post, I will (and am) be checking out textmate. That, because ruby will be added to my skill set as we speak (read a couple of months).

    see ya, Wilfred

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