EclipseCon 2007: Travelling and registration

My departure time from airport Schiphol (AMS) was scheduled at 11:10. So I
got up early today so I could be at the airport around nine. Having faith
in the Dutch railways turned bad on me today. The first scheduled train
was cancelled because they didn’t have a train to run it with. My trip had
not even started and I got half an hour of delay. Good thing I’m
travelling light with only hand luggage. Because I was at the airport at
about 9:38. While it turned out fine, I was a bit nervous. (Not a seasoned
plane traveller here.)

The flight itself was rather boring. Flew with a Mc Douglas M11. So no
personal screen to play with, so watching some movies on the overhead
screens caused me a head twist induced headache. That was a big
disappointment for me. I drooled all over KLMs Boeing 777 last week and
was kind of hoping to try and find the debug option of the personal
entertainment system. Good thing the entertainment system is a separate
system from the rest of the plane though. πŸ˜‰ The downside was the fact
that I had a big headache during most of the flight. But hey, I’m here, my
hotel room is fine.

I got my EclipseCon badge as well today. So I’m hoping to be able to raid
the breakfast table tomorrow while everyone else is standing in line
looking pretty getting their badges.

Now it’s munch-munch time followed by nap-nap time. Expect to see more
here as events unfold. πŸ™‚