EclipseCon: Interview and broccoli

Well that was surprising turn of events. I was sitting in a cozy chair killing some time with my laptop. Here comes this guy, asking if another seat is taken. Seat was free so he sits down after I confirmed the emptiness of the seat. I take a sneaky peek at his name tag. It looks familiar, why oh why? Quickly solved by a diligent google search.

Turns out I his name looked familiar because of a book I’ve considered buying. But since it was not a technology I was actively working with I decided to skip his book. But only after a thorough sit-down at a book store (for like 2 hours and the store clerk suggested that I either would buy the book or be gone).

Anyway this is the book: Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide

After having figured out why his name ringed a bell I opened up a little chat with Daniel by asking if he’d written the book I just mentioned. And you have guessed it by now, he did. We got into the usual conversation. You know the kind where you ask what the other person does, at which company, etc. Then Daniel asked if I had any experience with Eclipse related development. And in fact, yes I did. Before I knew it Daniel asked if he could interview me about that particular project. It was a surprising question but I agreed. I am very curious about what, if any, he will use of our interview for his pod-cast. I am guessing it is this one, but I am not entirely sure.

Anyway, Daniel, it was very pleasant talking with you and you did tickle my brain because of the other prag-prog related subject matter we discussed.

On to broccoli. It turns out I just hate American food so-far. Everything I have eaten here has this rich sugary texture and taste to it. Its horrible. Fortunately at dinner I was able to order steamed broccoli. That was just delicious to eat after a few days of aircraft, fast food and conference junk. It was better than the steak I ordered to go with the broccoli. And that is saying a lot, because the steak didn’t taste bad either.

Also the show before the community awards show at the EclipseCon was very entertaining. Even when the guy presenting was using all the typical raunchy, low punch jokes he could think of.

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