EclipseCon: Scot Adams, Meeting and greeting

Tuesday turned out to be a day with lots of chatting and hand-shaking. It
was a very engaging day and I talked to lots of people and heard lots of
interesting stuff. It also was very nice to see that people are very
interested in the project
I participated in at the Dutch railways
. I got a lot of questions
about the involved parties and the technologies used within the project.

I knew the work at the Dutch Railways was very cool, but now I am totally
convinced. It is a project which will actually have an impact on the
person traveling by train. Now that is something cool to realize.

Anyways, I had a nice chat with Wayne Beaton about Eclipse and
opportunities it might provide. Wayne also was very helpful in suggesting
ways to step up Eclipse for my employer. Wayne, thanks a million, you can
be sure I’ll get back to you in the near future.

Also I was at the Ingress boot and I forgot the name of the person I was
talking to. It was a british guy with a cool british accent currently
living in Germany. You could feel he was convinced of the quality of his
companies product. Very cool to see, and very engaging. I’ll be sure to
try out Ingress myself. (It’s an open-source database, with all the
enterprise features MySQL doesn’t have.) Ingress has an interesting
history dating back something like 30 years.

I also got involved in an IBM sumo wrestling match. It never got throw to
the floor, but couldn’t keep myself inside the ring. Stefan just told me
he got a nasty picture of me as a sumo guy. Be sure to get back here,
because I am going to post pictures.

Now I am sitting in a TPTP session on thursday already. Still recovering
from the bar meeting Stefan (A coworker who is also here.) and I had. That
bit of scotch turned out to be too much already. Not a headache, but still
I can feel I could have slept a bit better.

Scot Adams had the keynote on tuesday. While it was a very funny talk it
was a bit hard to find how Scot Adams relates to the EclipseCon. He also
had some message on the fact that he believes that luck is something
people are more likely to find I they have a more open mind an broad
vision. The anecdotes he had to tell were very funny, especially how
certain comics are based on real life events in his own personal live. But
in the ned I could feel it was a chat he’d done a million times. But a
good and funny talk it most certainly was.