EclipseCon: Last day ahead…

Well, it’s the last day already at EclipseCon 2007. But today is promising
to be the most exciting day of them all. When EclipseCon is over Stefan
and I have planned to drive up to San Francisco for a meal and some
sightseeing. I’ve heard there is supposed to be some cool bridge there. 😉

The program for today is typical for any last conference’s day. While
still very technical and interesting there are a few more reflecting and
contemplating sessions. Good stuff indeed.

The only problem right now is breakfast. Stefan and I forgot to discuss
what to do with breakfast. Will it be the conference sweetrolled sugar
rush inducing snack at the conference floor or the huge fat saturated
hotel hot meal. Kind of a hard choice, because I just want my bowl of
vanilla yoghurt with breakfast cereal. *sob*

But as to be expected I will endure these challenges and come through with
flying colors.

Only problem left is to decide if I should start banging on Stefan’s door
to wake him up or not…