Free SubVersion playground

If you happen to have never worked with SubVersion and feel like you would want to play with it a bit?

Well I’d say, download/(compile/)install SubVersion and have your way with it. But what if you just want to fuss around a little bit without the “hassle” of setting up a repository? (Which really isn’t that hard at all, really.)

Well you could set up a dummy sourceforge project, google code project or whatever. But you could also set up a trial account at

I tried it myself and in my opinion it’s more involving to set up then do it locally, but then again SubVersion is familiar teritory for me.

Also if you are willing to trust these guys, you could also outsource your repository management to them. A nice web-interface lets you set up things up. One sweet feature is the abbility to configure path based authorization. This is possible on an Apache hosted subversion repository as well. But then you would need someone able with Apache and SubVersion.