Eclipse RCP training near you published an interesting news bulletin today. It appears Eclipse RCP classes are comming to a city near you. Have a look over here for the current time-table. I did not do a background check of the people giving the course, but hey, it only costs 1100 euros. A ridiculous low price if you ask me. What is the catch? Or is it heavily sponsored by My employer has a three day java Swing course available for 1350 euros. That’s one day less AND it costs more.

I am very curious about this. If the quality is good (how can it be for so little money) it is a bargain! Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated. Especially on how they can do this for such a small fee.

NL-JUG University Session – Eclipse 3.3

Eclipse University banner.For the Dutch Java user group Peter and I will host a session on what’s new in the latest Eclipse 3.3/Europa release. Our employer has gracefully donated some time in our schedules to the NL-JUG. We are very pleased to get the opportunity to present something interesting and fun to our fellow Java developers.

Last Friday Peter and I started working on the session in earnest. We’ve been brainstorming about the format and content for a while now. But it’s time to turn our ideas into reality. We’ve still got a lot to do, but we’ve divided the work and create content for the whole week. Peter will focus more on Mylyn, I will focus more on Monkey/Dash. The rest of the content has been divided evenly as well. Besides the presentation material we need to generate we also need labs en excersizes. The hardest part will be to come up with something realistic, but small at the same time.

We plan to present an initial draft of our presentation material to our colleagues next week. We’re hard at work making the University Session a success. And for all Java developers reading this… come join us at September 4th. Details are available at the NL-JUG site, (page is in dutch).

If you are a Dutch Java developer, and have never heard of the NL-JUG before. Please take a look into their work. For an annual fee of just thirty Euros you will get free access to all NL-JUG activities, a subscription to the bimonthly Java Magazine and great opportunities to meet like minded developers and build your professional network.

Things to do…

There is a lot of stuff going on here in the second half of this year:

  • There’s probably a guest lecture coming up for a shark pool of students. :p
  • I’m going to be supervising a graduate student for my employer.
  • From what I understand there will be counseling a group of second and third year student in customer role for nine weeks as well.
  • There’s something interesting about Eclipse Europa around the corner to in a few months.
  • Still working on my own education, I really need to give that a bit of a kicker.
  • Not to mention the fact that there is also my latest contract which is lots of fun, but also very intense right now. Since I have to get a grasp at the problem domain and the existing implementation at the same time. But we’re getting there.
  • I’ve heard something about a code review coming up for another customer which will require some effort on my part.
  • Let’s not forget the request my employer has made about certification. They really would like me to get started on a java business components certification followed by a java architect certification.
  • Not to mention the things I do besides work. There are lots of things happening there as well.

When to plan my vacation… Oh man… I better get started…

And now… now I’m working from my couch.

While I’m at it. I’m working from my couch right now. So far it’s great. No distractions at all. I can play the music I like all day.

One disadvantage… Nobody interupts me, so I must be carefull to take my breaks every now and then. (Writing this post is one of them.)

So thumbs up over here… (While scratching my head.)

Couch potatoo
I just noticed, I am wearing the same t-shirt for three days. Now THAT… is bad.

My first hotel night for a contract… ever!!

For a new contract I am going to stay the night in a hotel every now and then. The job is kinda far from home for me. So the client and my employer agreed to let me stay in a hotel and let me work from home. Seems reasonable to me. (Don’t worry my employer discussed this with me properly.) Also there is a matter of Java Swing technology and oh something with the latest and greatest Java version 6 (update 2 already?).

Now why on earth would I stay in a hotel for work? Well there are a number of advantages. First: You work crazy hours a few days because there is nothing better to do. Second: You can take this time back at the end of the week where it’s more precious to me to actually have those hours for myself. Especially next week, I hope.

The room is rather small. Doesn’t have a bath tub, only a shower and a toilet. But!! There is free wireless… Fast free wireless. So I am not complaining at all. I brought enough stuff to do… Work and university related. The important thing is to keep myself busy enough so I don’t start feeling lonely or cramped up in here.

To give you a sense of the size where I am sitting now:

Spread eagle in a hotel room.

Just so you know I am enjoying myself here:


Sensation White 2007

A post a bit out of character for me. But what the heck, it’s my blog right?

Last weekend I went to Sensation White with a few friends. Actually, 2 of I kinda knew beforehand. The rest I met once or twice.

Anyway, it was mind blowing. Too bad a certain person couldn’t be there. But then again I don’t think it would have been her thing anyway. But perhaps it would, because we would be there together. I dunno… 😛

Here are some shots, thanks to Joyce who actually thought about bringing a camera.

Guess why I’m smiling… Just to give a sence of scale.. Group shot afterwards…

Oh, and uhm Erick E. sucked!! I know there are people who will disagree. Post that or other comments if you feel like doing so.