Things to do…

There is a lot of stuff going on here in the second half of this year:

  • There’s probably a guest lecture coming up for a shark pool of students. :p
  • I’m going to be supervising a graduate student for my employer.
  • From what I understand there will be counseling a group of second and third year student in customer role for nine weeks as well.
  • There’s something interesting about Eclipse Europa around the corner to in a few months.
  • Still working on my own education, I really need to give that a bit of a kicker.
  • Not to mention the fact that there is also my latest contract which is lots of fun, but also very intense right now. Since I have to get a grasp at the problem domain and the existing implementation at the same time. But we’re getting there.
  • I’ve heard something about a code review coming up for another customer which will require some effort on my part.
  • Let’s not forget the request my employer has made about certification. They really would like me to get started on a java business components certification followed by a java architect certification.
  • Not to mention the things I do besides work. There are lots of things happening there as well.

When to plan my vacation… Oh man… I better get started…