NL-JUG University Session – Eclipse 3.3

Eclipse University banner.For the Dutch Java user group Peter and I will host a session on what’s new in the latest Eclipse 3.3/Europa release. Our employer has gracefully donated some time in our schedules to the NL-JUG. We are very pleased to get the opportunity to present something interesting and fun to our fellow Java developers.

Last Friday Peter and I started working on the session in earnest. We’ve been brainstorming about the format and content for a while now. But it’s time to turn our ideas into reality. We’ve still got a lot to do, but we’ve divided the work and create content for the whole week. Peter will focus more on Mylyn, I will focus more on Monkey/Dash. The rest of the content has been divided evenly as well. Besides the presentation material we need to generate we also need labs en excersizes. The hardest part will be to come up with something realistic, but small at the same time.

We plan to present an initial draft of our presentation material to our colleagues next week. We’re hard at work making the University Session a success. And for all Java developers reading this… come join us at September 4th. Details are available at the NL-JUG site, (page is in dutch).

If you are a Dutch Java developer, and have never heard of the NL-JUG before. Please take a look into their work. For an annual fee of just thirty Euros you will get free access to all NL-JUG activities, a subscription to the bimonthly Java Magazine and great opportunities to meet like minded developers and build your professional network.