Eclipse RCP training near you published an interesting news bulletin today. It appears Eclipse RCP classes are comming to a city near you. Have a look over here for the current time-table. I did not do a background check of the people giving the course, but hey, it only costs 1100 euros. A ridiculous low price if you ask me. What is the catch? Or is it heavily sponsored by My employer has a three day java Swing course available for 1350 euros. That’s one day less AND it costs more.

I am very curious about this. If the quality is good (how can it be for so little money) it is a bargain! Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated. Especially on how they can do this for such a small fee.

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  1. Jeroen,

    The Eclipse Foundation is helping to market and promote the classes, so this is helping to keep the costs low. The companies are also offer the special prices to help promote the series. As you pointed out these aren’t normal prices and not something to expect at a future date.

    I hope this helps.

    Ian Skerrett
    Eclipse Foundation

  2. Jeroen,

    We offer some of those training classes, they will actually have the same content as our regular RCP classes. These prices are only possible for that specific marketing event of the Eclipse Foundation in order to promote Eclipse RCP.

    I hope this helps as well

    Joern Weigle
    Weigle Wilczek (Eclipse Training Alliance)

  3. Hi:

    Similarly, classes in USA are highly discounted by Eclispe companies. AvantSoft/Eclipse University will use its standard, high quality training material (400+ pages of lecture book and 400+ pages of lab book with 13+ labs) for its classes in San Jose, Chicago, Denver, and Boston. Classes are taught by highly qualified trainers who have taught Eclipse for last 4 years to 100s of students. Very special consideration is given for this marketing event of Eclispe Foundation.

    Register soon to get early bird discount!

    Vibha Dixit (,

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