Interesting course offer by InfoSupport

One in the shameless plug department.

My employer InfoSupport will be offering a very interesting course from the 21st till the 24th of April.

It’ll be a very nice course presented by one of our top trainers. If there are seats remaining I, I’ll sign up for this one. But I’m guessing that the available seats will fill up rather quick. So hurry ad head on over to Java Spring Class 2008 and sign up.

Some cutting and pasting from the above link:


Course outline
Get your hands on JSF, AJAX, EJB 3.0 and Web Beans.
This course provides you with a fair knowledge of Java Server Faces technology and also shows how to combine this technology with AJAX. The ins and outs of EJB 3 Simplified Components and the new persistence API are presented to you. The latest developments on Web Beans, a JSR based upon the JBoss SEAM application framework, are also treated. This specification enables the usage of EJB 3 components as JSF managed beans. All topics are put into practice in multiple hands-on exercises.

This course also looks ahead and presents you the plans for the future.

Course content

  • Java Server Faces and Ajax
  • Session Beans 3.0
  • What is new in Session Beans 3.1
  • Java Persistence API 1.0
  • What is new in Java Persistence API 2.0
  • Tips and tricks for EJB 3.0
  • SEAM
  • Web Beans